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What Goes Into Custom Furniture?

Have you ever wondered what goes into buying a custom piece of furniture? Ordering it is more than just selecting a fabric or stain color that you normally would do in a big box store. Ordering custom furniture allows you to influence a design or have a completely new and unique piece built from scratch. You play an important part from the design to material and finishing process and can influence the design as it is being constructed to better fit your needs. Below is a list of steps that we generally go through with our clients for each individual build.

1. It all starts with an idea or an inspiration piece from the client.

2. Followed by follow up questions to define the scope.

3. An initial design sketch is created and shared with the client.

4. A client approves the design or provides additional follow up for minor changes.

5. Design sketch is modified according to minor changes and repeat step 5.

6. One or multiple quotes are provided based on wood choices or finishing options.

7. If multiple wood and finish types are being reviewed by the client, samples are created and sent to the client for their review.

8. Client selects their preferred wood and finish option.

9. Invoice is sent to client for Initial 70% or Full payment

10.  Client pays invoice.

11.   Material is purchased.

12. Lumber is milled and any metal work has begun.

13. Rough assembly of subparts and initial shaping.

14. Client update.

15. Subparts are assembled into larger parts and further shaped.

16. Sand, Sand, Sand

17. Full glue up or assembly of piece.

18. Sand, Sand, and Final Sand

19. Staining/Applying finish to piece.

20. Product photograph.

21. Packaging (custom crate is built for large piece and small pieces are wrapped up for transport through traditional mailing system)

22. Final 30% payment received for completion of project prior to delivery.

23. Finished product delivered to client.

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