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Lavelle Woodworking Studio is a furniture company that makes custom pieces to order ranging from tables to chairs and all the way to small trinkets. We are a full service company that works with clients on the design, educating them on the construction methods, finish options, and wood types, building the pieces to spec, and handling all the shipping requirements. We also offer a white glove service that will hand deliver and set up your new furniture.

Our philosophy centers around 'Quality Products and Knowledge' what we mean by that is we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and taking our time so we can pay attention to the small details. We will not deliver a product that does not live up to our standards and will work quickly to rectify any issues. We also want to educate potential clients during the initial contact all the way through to the delivery on the process that goes into making their custom piece. What types of woods and finish will work for their projects. Providing color samples on the wood that will be used for their project so a more informed decision can be made. We provide information on how the wood will act over time and how to care for each piece. Our goal is that the next piece of furniture you look for, even if you don't go with us, you will have the knowledge to ask the great questions.

Although we are a small company we work with a wide range of artisans that work both in our studio and in their own work spaces. So, this collective of knowledge and skill allows us to create unique pieces and provide creative design solutions depending on your project.

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