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Cancelation Policy-

The client retains the right to cancel their order after an agreement and funds have been paid until materials have been purchased. This typically is five days after initial payment has been made. If a cancelation request is received before materials are purchased a full refund will be issued following our refund policy. After materials are purchased a refund will follow the refund policy.

Refund Policy-

We retain the right to refuse a refund to any client after they have received their product except for the following examples. We will provide a full refund to clients when they request to cancel their order within five days and before  materials are purchased. If a cancelation request is received after five days of purchase and after materials have been purchased we will refund the full amount minus the cost of materials and processing and labor associated with the purchase of material or processing of the material. No refund will be issued if a client does not like the product they received if the project is within scope. If a project is not within scope each case will be looked at individually and a decision to issue a refund or no refund will be based on what was out of scope, the cost to receive the product back, and cost of repair. If a product arrives damaged and no damage is noted on the Bill of Lading  or damage is noted after client has received and unpackaged the product we will not issue a refund since we are not able to verify when damage occurred. We will in good faith pay for repair if we deem it necessary. 

Shipping Policy-

We offer two ways to ship a product. Our main and preferred method is our White Glove service where we will hand deliver and install your new furniture for you. The cost for this service is based on your location and size of the piece. Our second method is shipping via common freight via LTL. We will build custom made crates that are sized for the product and will wrap each piece in furniture blankets and bubble wrap or just bubble wrap for the smaller parts. We will place each part in the crate and have them securely held in place to prevent and shifting during transportation. If the crate arrives and shows any damage please make note of it on the bill of lading to show that damage is visible. Once the crate is open check each part for any damage and make note on the bill of lading. 

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